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Coco Milk and Almond Fairness Cream


Almond oil used in this cream is rich source of Vitamin A ,  which is retinol has the capacity to stimulate the development of new skin cells while also smoothing fine wrinkles. Vitamin E contains antioxidant qualities that may help prevent cell damage and minimize UV (ultraviolet) damage to the skin.Omega-3 fatty acids: These nutrients may assist to avoid premature aging and solar damage. Zinc is a necessary vitamin for the healing of acne and other face scars.

Coconut milk for is used for skin whitening massaging it for a few minutes before allowing the skin to absorb it. It reduces dryness and makes the skin radiant. With the goodness of Vitamin C, it helps maintain elasticity and flexibility by making your skin healthier. This remarkable ingredient also helps reduce wrinkles and lightens age spots with younger-looking radiant skin. It is Rich in fatty acids, it helps remove oil and unclogs pores, besides treating acne and scars. And the last thing to remember is coconut milk’s antibacterial properties, which offer coconut milk skin benefits like treating acne. The goodness of coconut helps treat dry, dull, and damaged skin. Ultimately reduce dryness, provide healthy, soft, glowing skin and clears out blemishes. This is completely vegan, cruelty-free, and dermatological tested.

  • Improves skin-tone
  • Prevents Acne
  • Prevent skin from UV
  • Decreases puffiness and under eye circle
  • Facial Scrub
  • Prevents Premature Ageing
  • Moisturizes the Skin


Key Ingredients:


Reduces puffiness and under-eye circles, Improves complexion and skin tone, Treats dry skin, Helps reverse sun damage

Coconut milk:

Helps moisturize the skin, prevents premature aging, Treats skin Problems.

How to use

Massage the cream into your skin gently in tiny, upward, circular strokes on the dry face after washing your face.

Use it twice a day for obtaining maximum benefits.