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Echo Herbs Products

Our Story

We saw the necessity to revive the traditional collection of Ayurveda therapies that were embraced by our ancestors in a world full of chemical-filled items.  The pollutants and food habits are already damaging our skin and hair along with that 99% of the products available in the market are toxic and produced with the harmful chemical ingredients.

We also saw majority of the people are bored and tired using multiple products for hair and skin problems and spending lot of money for purchasing the required products. But finally they gives slow results and causes side effects.

We have chosen all the ingredients which improves overall health of hair, skin and the ingredients which are suitable for all types of skin, hair. Following ancient methods, without usage of chemicals, processing and producing with pure extracts results in the final outcome of product.

It’s a belief that only expensive products show desired results and takes much time in solving the problem. And also it needs little effort, proper care to maintain as well gives the temporary outcome.

To master this all problems and to help everyone to clear up their skin and hair problems by trusting mother nature , ancient remedies , by using traditional ingredients we have produced every product with 100% natural ingredients in a pocket friendly budget when compared to the other products available in the market which is ECHO HERBS main motto.

Giving the right care to your beauty in very simple two step procedure which cures the exact problem of skin, hair fully in short span with zero side effects. In the busy days nobody shows much interest to get cure with home remedies or products which must be used for long time. Hence making everything easy is our secondary motto.

Why Us?

The ingredients used in making the every product are extracted from the Mother Nature and these are manufacture with no usage of sulphates, paraben or any other chemical agents.

Choosing echo herbs gives the long lasting visible results in very short time with no side effects.

Echo herbs products are suitable for all skin and hair types, all age groups, and all genders. These are budget friendly, novel combination of ingredients, easy to use.

They leaves good aroma after usage, makes one’s skin, hair look healthy and attractive.

Customer Testimonials

"Hairfall and Dandruff has completely reduced. Her hair became thick and healthy. I am very to you. We loved your products so much."
Hair Care
“I tried different shampoos but there was a loss of hairfall as I travel daily more than two hours of work. The first day I applied hair oil at night (aroma was really good) and did my hair wash and my hair dried really quick and were super soft. I loved it.”
Hair Care
“Thank you andi nen chala products use chesanu first mee products trust cheyaledhu okasari try chestha ani thisujunna but chal best results kanipinchindhi.”
Hair Care
“Thank you for the products, Hair oil repaired my damaged hair and gave it a shiny look.”
Hair Care